Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New adoption appointment and departure date

We found out this past weekend that our SDA (adoption) appointment has been rescheduled for May 11.  We were very thankful to have a confirmed appointment but we were scheduled to arrive in Kiev on April 30 so we had another decision to make - stick with our flight scheduled to depart this Friday or rebook. Fortunately, our flight was with British Airways and there is no change fee so I rebooked our flight today (I sure hope that the third booked flight is the lucky ticket!).

We will be leaving Minneapolis on May 6, spending May 7 in London (at our choosing) and arriving in Kiev on May 8.  The revised itinerary works better for Paul and Max.  Paul needs a few more work days and Max really wanted to spend a day in London (this also allows him to attend school for another week).  We want to see Kirill as soon as possible so the delay is very difficult and you do question if you are making the right decision by remaining at home during this time period.  We trust we have made the right decision.


  1. Dave sez,

    We are keeping you in our prayers to steer your course!

  2. May God's blessings shower down on you. Have a safe trip. We look forward to reading your post as you progress to the next step. If you can do us a favor while visiting the orphanage, please give Georgiy a hug from his Mama Cathy and Papa Dave. We would so appreciate it. Hope to see lots of photos posted. ; )