Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12, 2011 - Kirill is in Kyiv with Paul!

A very exciting day for us.  Paul was able to take Kirill to Kyiv with him today to stay in the apartment with him for the duration of their trip.  Paul had hoped to do this yesterday but apparently the orphanage didn't realize this as there was still some paperwork that needed to be completed before Paul could take him.  Kirill was extremely disappointed yesterday but today according to Paul he was bouncing off the walls when he heard the news.  He then bounced off the walls once he got to the apartment while they waited for Max and I to wake up so they could Skype with us.  It was great to Skype with Kirill for the first time.  He wasn't as excited by it as he thought it was.  His biggest concern was getting my iPod password so he could use it!

We are very thankful this day has finally arrived as we all have waited along time for it.  (Paul assured me he took a lot of pictures today.)  Thank you to all of you have included us in your prayers.

Our coordinator told Paul today he thinks he may be done by the middle of next week.  I sure hope it works out that way!

Kirill's first time Skyping with Mama and Max.

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