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Friday, May 20

Yes, I am posting this well after the fact but on Friday we were able to participate in a special event at the orphanage so wanted to capture that in our blog.  Two boys had their farewell party at the orphanage as they were flying home to MN on Saturday morning.  It was definitely a party were there were clearly different emotions showing on the children's faces.  Those who parents are here already were clearly happy to celebrate with their friends, others who are waiting or don't have families identified yet were happy for their friends but you could see sadness (or tears in some cases) in their eyes.  We wish Jason and Nathan and their families all the best and we look forward to reconnecting with them in MN.

Farewell party with tea and cakes.  In addition to the children, there were 5 MN family segments also there joining in the celebration.

Another MN family who is here got the wonderful news on Friday that their court date is on Monday.  They and the two children they are adopting were thrilled (they have been here for over 5 weeks so they have been waiting for this day for a long time!).

We enjoyed time with Kirill at the orphanage.  Every time we are there he asks us about school and he is wondering if he has to go the next day.  (Note:  in a previous blog we believed that he was done with the school year but we have learned that is not the case - we think it goes until the end of May.)  Most of the other families who have been here recently have withdrawn their child(ren) from school but we have chosen to leave Kirill in school for now.  He is done by 1:45 pm each day so we still get a few hours with him each day and there will be days where we will ask that he not be sent to school that day.  Kirill clearly does not like his parents decision in regards to him still attending school! 

Will Kirill be happy or sad when he finds out he doesn't have to wear a suit to school in America?  Some of the kids are very dressed up for school and others are not.  We haven't asked why that is.  (New fashion statement - Nikes with a suit?)

Here are a few more pictures:

The children at the orphanage were playing house on Friday afternoon.  They use blankets and clothes pins to make their house.  Even the boys were playing and you could here them deciding who got to play be papa and who was going to be mama.  It was fun to listen to them but I couldn't help but think that playing house has a much different meaning for them than it did for me when I played it as a kid.
Kirill with Jessie.  Jessie is a stray dog that has made the orphanage her home.  The kids all love her even though she is always running off with their hats or balls.  She is quite protective of the kids and of "her space".  There are many stray dogs in Kyiv and whenever another dog wanders into the orphanage's fenced area, Jessie is quick to let them know they are not welcome there.  Jessie is the most laid back dog I have ever seen.  The kids pull her tail to get her to move and she just looks at them but I have never seen her bark or growl at them.  I believe Jessie is the reason that Kirill loves dogs.

Andriyivsky Uzviz street.  This is one of the oldest streets in Kyiv.  The cobblestones on the road reflect their age!  This is a popular street in Kyiv and it is a very long street that descends down a hill towards the Dnipro river that runs through Kyiv.  In the daytime, there are many street vendors selling souvenirs in their booths on the side of the street. 

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